The Charbagh motif from our design dictionary lends itself to bridal and occasion wear in this ensemble consisting of a sharara, kurti and odhana. The ivory white outfit glitters with gold and silver strips of emrbtoidery laid out in a geometric grid that is an abstraction of this famous Mughal garden style.

It took 3 embroiderers 270 working hours or 20 working days to complete this ensemble, which consists of a kurti and odhana that match the design of the sharara. The richly worked sharara is balanced with an odhana with heavy borders and a large circular buta in the middle of a plain ground.

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The Tripura Project

A research-oriented project that aims to revive the craft of backstrap loom weaving practised by tribal communities in the northeastern state of Tripura.

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Notes from a Craftsman

Notes from a Craftsman is a series of short films exploring the work and life of five craftspeople - three printers, a dyer and a bead worker - who have been engaged with Tilla for several years.

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