Tilla (n: hill) is a design studio located in Ahmedabad in the vicinity of the National Institute of Design, Paldi. Established in 2011 by clothing designer Aratrik Dev Varman, the brand celebrates handmade Indian textiles and innovative craftsmanship.

At its heart, it is defined by a practical and elegant aesthetic that adapts easily to different contexts globally, outlining an approach to living and working with traditional crafts in a modern world. This balance is brought about in an ecosystem of mindful design and slow production, with zero waste being an important part of the design ethos.

Tilla clothing is sold at leading design stores in India and internationally. Since its inception, the brand has expanded from fashion to include wallpaper, interior textiles, textile art/ installations and a café as an extension to its portfolio of work.

Tilla clothing is now available at our retail shop in Ahmedabad.

Design Services

Uniforms for House of MG

A uniform design project for a boutique hotel in the old city of Ahmedabad.


Seven Indian Trees

A collection of large-scale prints of silhouettes of foliage of seven trees ubiquitous throughout India.

Craft Research

The Tripura Project

A research-oriented project that aims to revive the craft of backstrap loom weaving practised by tribal communities in the northeastern state of Tripura.