Notes from a Craftsman explores the work and life of five craftspeople- three printers, a dyer and a bead worker- who have been engaged with Tilla for several years. Shot over 2 years in their homes and workshops, it captures their world-views and a nuanced understanding of why it is important to do things by hand. The 25 minute film, which has also been divided into a series of five short duration films, records the changing landscape of the city of Ahmedabad while it’s crafts adapt to stay relevant.


Sensitive portraits take our attention behind the scenes into a fragile universe of aspirations and challenges that craftspeople face today. Through dialogues with the featured artisans, the film reveals the relationship between their philosophy of life and work. Perhaps the most poignant and important point of the film is a reminder of how we are all connected as makers, designers or patrons of these crafts, through a value system that places pride in craftsmanship and doing things well above all else.