Charbagh Design

The Charbagh motif from our design dictionary lends itself to bridal and occasion wear in this ensemble consisting of a sharara, kurti and odhana. The ivory white outfit glitters with gold and silver strips of emrbtoidery laid out in a geometric grid that is an abstraction of this famous Mughal garden style.

It took 3 embroiderers 270 working hours or 20 working days to complete this ensemble, which consists of a kurti and odhana that match the design of the sharara. The richly worked sharara is balanced with an odhana with heavy borders and a large circular buta in the middle of a plain ground.

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Hasan Abho

Our new offering for bespoke bridal and occasion wear, the Hasan Abho, extends the idea behind one of our classic pieces, the Kamal Abho, to a more sumptuous kaftan-like style.

The Hasan Abho features an overall coverage of Pitta embroidery, a type of metalwork which is beaten to give a glittering or shiny effect. A reinterpretation of the traditional choga, this garment uses approximately 400 grams of metal thread. It took our karigars Ayubbhai and his team of two, 250 hours to complete the embroidery, from the tracing to the finished work.

Gota Patti Phool


Gota patti is a traditional embroidery popular in Rajasthan, where a strip of gold or silver ribbon is folded and cut into basic forms like diamonds, teardrops or leaves (patti), which are then combined in various ways to form floral/ geometric motifs and borders.


This bridal odhana is made up of approximately 1,100 Gota phool or flowers, each stitched by hand into a connected grid, and flanked by wide borders on all four sides. A Rani pink lehenga and brocade blouse complete the outfit, which in all took 3 craftsmen 9 weeks to complete.


Metallic embroidery like ‘gota patti’ changes appearance dramatically in different lighting, which makes it particularly magical at occasions like weddings and parties that transition from day to evening.